Omega Prototype Replica Sold for Nearly 200k

The Omega Speedmaster is completely legendary in watchmaking industry and ranks among the most popular and commonly revered replica watches, which no doubt excites fake watch collectors the most, some of the vintage samples have been sold breaking the six-figure price at auction.
Despite the diversity of Omega collection, only a few replica watches standout above the rest. Recently, Phillips sold a pretty unique Omega Speedmaster, a prototype item 145.000 Speedmaster from the “Alaska I” project. The watch was sent to NASA for rigorous inspection in 1970 and has the official Omega Extract from the Archives to prove it.
Even through the prototype Speedmaster fake watches had never actually landed on the moon, they are still some of the most special and important Speedmaster fake watches of all time. By making legibility and quality improvements over the typical Omega Speedmaster, the different cheap watches showcase Omega’s comprehensive(and costly ) attempts to create the complete, lunar surface chronograph which enables astronauts to wear in the extreme conditions.
Made in 1969, the cheap watch was from the 3rd and final batch of prototypes that were specifically for the “Alaska I” project, and later then sent to NASA’s Apollo Program Office in Houston, Texas in 1970. Different from other prototypes fitted with large titanium cases, this special fake watch has a stainless steel edition of Omega’s “Mark II style” Speedmaster case, making it greatly more practical and traditionally proportioned for daily wear and use.
Considering this replica watch is one of only available prototypes to have ever been manufactured as part of the “Alaska I” project; moreover it also has proof of it. It’s no surprising that a lot of watch lovers were yearning to collect the cheap watch. When the final hammer came down, this special watch sold for a sum of 193,000 USD, which is far more than its initial pre-sale estimation of 60,000 USD.
Even though the pre-sale price for this special fake watch was greatly underestimated; but the final sale price is almost tripled its expected amount. Some high-end, vintage collector websites reported this watch in the days before the auction, which is believed to help it achieve its exceedingly high sale price. The fact that fake Omega sold for about $200k proves that six-figure auction prices – something that was formerly almost exclusive for replica Rolex and Patek Philippe watches- are becoming more and more common for watches of other brands.