Popular Rolex with White Gold and Blue Cerachrom Bezels

Although the Rolex Submariner 1661x has received only minor, aesthetic updates compared to its predecessor, these models have been legendary Rolex replica watches for over two decades. Starting in 2008, however, Rolex began introducing a new generation of Submariner watches, including a new blue model made in solid 18-carat white gold.  9926_1 9926_5
While the new generation of the Submariner features the same 3135 movements, almost every other aspect of the watch has changed. The Submariner’s 40mm case now features thicker lugs and a larger crown protector, giving it a larger, more angular overall appearance – better known in some collector circles as a “super case.
In addition, while the previous generation’s bezel was made of anodized aluminum, the new generation is made from a single piece of Cerachrom, Rolex’s proprietary ceramic material that is virtually impervious to scratches and UV fading.
As before, the new solid 18-carat yellow gold Submariner is available with a black (Ref. 116618LN) or blue (Ref. 116618LB) dial and bezel. However, joining the lineup in 2008 is the Ref. 116619LB, which also features a blue dial and blue ceramic bezel but is made entirely of solid 18-carat white gold. The blue dial, which soon earned the nickname “Smurf” thanks to its white and blue outline, was mounted on Ref. 116619 in a lustrous flat blue style, which set it apart from the blue sunburst style found in the two-tone and yellow gold versions of the Blue Submariner.
In 2009, replica Rolex released an updated version of the Blue Submariner in its signature two-tone steel and gold Rolesor finish. Like the solid gold version, the new two-tone Submariner was offered with a black or blue dial and bezel, with the blue version labeled ref. 116613LB, where LB stands for “Lunette Bleu” . In addition, just like the updated solid gold version, the new two-tone Blue Submariner features a bezel embedded with a piece of its proprietary blue Cerachrom material.