Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Tiffany

I have to say that Patek Philippe Nautilus must be one of the most popular watches in recent years, many people will consider Rolex or Patek Nautilus when choosing their first replica watch, definitely, Rolex will be their first choice, and Patek Nautilus has surpassed the popularity of other watches such as Panerai, Audemars Piguet, and IWC, these watches sold well in the past, especially Panerai, but with the closure of VS factory, now Bader Nautilus sells much more than Panerai. There are several watch factories that make super clones of the Patek Nautilus, PPF, PF, and 3KF and most people want to compare them, but I must say they are of the same level of quality.
If you want a Patek Nautilus replica you can choose PF or 3KF, PF releases their stock very fast and no waiting, but for 3K factory they are very careful because of raids, so sometimes you need to wait about 3 days or a week after they place an order to release your watch. It’s up to you, both factories produce top-quality Nautilus replica watches.
This Tiffany Blue Nautilus was just launched by the 3K factory a few days ago and some readers on my blog have asked me about this watch now that it is available but I am not sure if 3K has this watch in stock and maybe there is still a wait after an order is placed. This Tiffany Special Edition looks special because of its blue dial, which also has “TIFFANY&Co” in black on the dial. Now, only two factories are producing this watch, the other factory is named GD, but the quality is not very very nice.
Every specification is the same as the other Nautilus produced in the 3K factory, and the case thickness is correct, about 8.3 mm. Most importantly, the movement still uses the Superclone PP 324CS movement, which was first developed by the 3K factory and installed in their Nautilus, a movement so important that it has the same status as the Superclone 4130 to the Noob, which should now be given to the Clean factory. Orders for this Tiffany Blue Nautilus are already being accepted.