Rolex and the Wimbledon Championships

Rolex first partnered with the Wimbledon Championships in 1978. This world’s oldest tennis tournament is a shrine to lawn tennis and the original game. It is also the place where athletes become legends.  29991_1
Rolex is the official timekeeper and one of the major tennis tournaments’ main partners. The story began in 1978 at the Wimbledon Championships, when the Rolex brand first became involved in a sport that captured the world’s attention.
The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in southwest London has hosted the championships since they were first held in 1877. As the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is the home of the sport and a shrine to its grass courts.
This unprecedented level of sport resonates with the intrinsic values of Rolex. A natural partnership was formed at all major tennis tournaments, now spanning almost 45 years.
The special relationship between Rolex and tennis is deeply rooted in a shared philosophy: the constant quest for excellence, the desire for precision and innovation, the elegance of the sport, the unwavering effort, the respect for tradition and the drive to constantly exceed personal limits.
For decades, the brand has actively advocated culture, architecture, exploration and planetary conservation. In the world of sports, Rolex has established diverse partnerships in tennis, golf, equestrian, skiing, sailing and motorsports. Rolex’s long-standing partnerships with governing bodies, competitions and athletes – from recognized champions to promising talents – perpetuate the future of these disciplines and promote excellence.

Popular Rolex with White Gold and Blue Cerachrom Bezels

Although the Rolex Submariner 1661x has received only minor, aesthetic updates compared to its predecessor, these models have been legendary Rolex replica watches for over two decades. Starting in 2008, however, Rolex began introducing a new generation of Submariner watches, including a new blue model made in solid 18-carat white gold.  9926_1 9926_5
While the new generation of the Submariner features the same 3135 movements, almost every other aspect of the watch has changed. The Submariner’s 40mm case now features thicker lugs and a larger crown protector, giving it a larger, more angular overall appearance – better known in some collector circles as a “super case.
In addition, while the previous generation’s bezel was made of anodized aluminum, the new generation is made from a single piece of Cerachrom, Rolex’s proprietary ceramic material that is virtually impervious to scratches and UV fading.
As before, the new solid 18-carat yellow gold Submariner is available with a black (Ref. 116618LN) or blue (Ref. 116618LB) dial and bezel. However, joining the lineup in 2008 is the Ref. 116619LB, which also features a blue dial and blue ceramic bezel but is made entirely of solid 18-carat white gold. The blue dial, which soon earned the nickname “Smurf” thanks to its white and blue outline, was mounted on Ref. 116619 in a lustrous flat blue style, which set it apart from the blue sunburst style found in the two-tone and yellow gold versions of the Blue Submariner.
In 2009, replica Rolex released an updated version of the Blue Submariner in its signature two-tone steel and gold Rolesor finish. Like the solid gold version, the new two-tone Submariner was offered with a black or blue dial and bezel, with the blue version labeled ref. 116613LB, where LB stands for “Lunette Bleu” . In addition, just like the updated solid gold version, the new two-tone Blue Submariner features a bezel embedded with a piece of its proprietary blue Cerachrom material.

Testing the Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex has updated its popular travel watch, the GMT-Master II, with a steel, blue and black “Batman” bezel. We tested one of the first pieces with a Jubilee strap and a new movement in the WatchTime archives.  9786_1 9786_6
The blue and black color combination on the bezel of this Rolex GMT-Master II has led its fans to call it “Batman.” The current version comes with a Jubilee strap and a new movement, launching in 2019. Its predecessor with these same colors appeared in 2013 and was the first Rolex model to feature a two-tone ceramic bezel. This particular color combination did not exist before. The first GMT-Master II in 1954 featured a blue and red 24-hour scale and was later dubbed the “Pepsi” because of this color combination.
The Jubilee bracelet is very comfortable to wear. Its small links fit snugly together and do not pull on delicate wrist hairs. The Oyster bracelet is also comfortable thanks to its curved links. The bracelet and case are still made of non-corrosive 904L stainless steel, which replica Rolex has recently started calling “Oyster Steel”.
Instead of an Oyster clasp with a Jubilee strap, like on the Datejust, Rolex has an Oysterlock folding clasp here, just like on the Sport. It has an extra safety lever but looks very similar – both have Easylink extensions that extend the strap by 5 mm. This practical mechanism is helpful when higher temperatures or physical activity may increase wrist size. Half of the links can be folded out of the clasp to make the bracelet longer, without any noticeable difference in appearance.
The high-quality clasp on the Jubilee bracelet is near perfect in both workmanship and operation. The folding safety lever blends in with it when closed. Opening the safety lever by lifting the Rolex crown reveals an easily lifted lever to open the clasp fully.

2023 Vintage Rolex GMT with a Spider Dial

Another notable improvement to the collection with the arrival of Ref. 16750 is the increase in depth rating from 50 to 100 meters. 16750 has an increased depth rating from 50 to 100 meters. The watch also features the old-fashioned acrylic crystal – the sapphire made its GMT debut in 1982 with the first GMT-Master II ref. 16760. sapphire made its GMT debut in 1982 with the first GMT-Master II ref. 16760.  4587X_3 4587X_8 4587X_9
Rolex debuted the GMT in 1982 with the first GMT-Master II ref. 16750 with a three-link Oyster bracelet and a five-link Jubilee bracelet with tritium as the luminous material on the dial. Finally, the bezel features a red and blue Pepsi insert or all-black, much like the stainless steel Submariner produced in the same era.
Here’s where things get interesting. Rolex originally released the Ref. 16750 with a matte dial and painted hour markers. This dial variation is much rarer than the glossy dial GMT, especially considering that many of the original matte dials have long since been replaced in routine maintenance. Rolex switched to a glossy dial in the mid-1980s, decorated with white gold-encrusted three-dimensional hour markers. Some of the glossy dials produced by replica Rolex during this period had defects in the finish that caused them to crack, a process known in watch collecting circles as “cracking.” These dials are now affectionately known as “spider dials” and are highly collectible, as Rolex replaced many during routine repairs and service.
The “cracks” on a spider dial are made up of tiny cracks in the glossy lacquer. If you look closely at the dial, you will see that it does not affect the white text. It may be hard to see at first, but the spider pattern in the shine is most visible when the dial is tilted and viewed in bright light. It didn’t take Rolex long to recognize this defect and eventually replace the original lacquer material.
Rolex’s notoriously high standards of quality mean that the company cannot consciously allow watches with spider dials to leave the repair facility without a new, flawlessly lustrous dial. For some, this is good news, as not every Rolex collector is a fan of this defect. However, some see it as one of the few quirky and rare instances where fake Rolex makes a mistake on an important part of one of its most iconic timepieces.
For this reason, some collectors will pay more than “normal” Ref. 16750s for a spider dial. At the same time, finding such rare dials at prices comparable to models without them remains entirely possible. The GMT-Master 16750 is a highly prized collector’s item because of its relatively short production run.


2021 Best Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II Ultimate Buying Guide

There are some Rolex replica watches that are more or less beloved, with simple and versatile aesthetics that leave little room for hate. However, there are others in the Rolex lineup that seem to have been designed specifically to cause controversy, taking the brand out of its traditional design base and into more controversial territory. The Rolex Yacht Prestige II is one of these. 
When it appeared in the mid-2000s, the Yacht-Master II was so far removed from anything Rolex had created before that no one seemed to know what to make of it. It was a huge, bold, and extremely expensive addition to the catalog, and while it was clearly included in the brand’s professional collection, it stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb. However, that was then. Looking at the brand’s catalog again today, it seems that replica Rolex is way ahead of the curve.
The once challenging look of the Yacht Prestige II has matured, and while it is still the most visually striking watch, it is no longer considered completely over the top. Mechanically, it is also incredibly impressive. At its debut, it immediately became Rolex’s most complicated watch, with one-of-a-kind features aimed at as many niches as you can imagine. Below, we’ve provided a complete guide to the Rolex Yacht Prestige, with everything you need to know to make an informed decision.
The Rolex Yacht Prestige II was launched in 2007, making its debut 15 years after its original Yacht Prestige designation. However, the similarity between this watch and the original model using the Yacht Prestige is almost nil.
Whereas the earlier model was essentially a more luxurious version of the Rolex Submariner, the Yacht-Master II is a fully-fledged luxury professional sailing device designed from the start to help skippers keep time during complex regatta starts. Technically speaking, the Yacht-Master II belongs to the category of tool watches, but this is a far cry from the more utilitarian Explorer II, as evidenced by its release schedule.
The only change to the watch since then occurred for its 10th anniversary in 2017, when it was given such a facelift that Rolex didn’t even think it needed a new reference number. The square hour markers at 6 and 12 o’clock were replaced with rectangular and inverted triangles, respectively, and the simple stick hand was replaced with a Mercedes-style one, bringing it in line with most of the rest of the brand’s professional lineup.

The Luxury Watches Women Actually Want

Finding the perfect gift for a lady at Christmas is not an easy task. Ladies’ luxury watches can make the best Christmas gifts, but without any guidance, finding inspiration in the market can be a long and overwhelming process. We’ve compiled this Christmas 2020 gift guide with the best women’s luxury watches to help any man or woman find the ultimate gift for their special lady this holiday season.
Our holiday luxury women’s watch gift guide showcases ten timeless watches that are guaranteed to satisfy in terms of quality, materials, style, design, and performance. From dazzling diamond set dials to modern dress watches and rugged diving tools, there is something for everyone in this women’s watch holiday gift guide.
The Ladies Datejust is a cornerstone of the Rolex catalog and has been the backbone of its women’s offerings for over half a century. Simply put, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for her this year, the fake Rolex Datejust is the only luxury timepiece a girl needs. The simple yet functional design is the epitome of the go-anywhere, do-anything luxury watch, and its timeless design will look as good decades from now as it does today.
Rolex did not design the Datejust for any particular lifestyle, environment, or sport. This is the key to the success of the popular three-hand date model, and why such a wide range of dials, materials, and color options are now available. The Rolex Datejust ref. 179173 is the ideal all-rounder. 179173 is the ideal all-rounder, perfect for work, leisure, special occasions, or travel. Its 26 mm case is made of stainless steel and 18-carat yellow gold, with a unique fluted bezel, Jubilee bracelet, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
Equipped with the Caliber 2235, a self-winding, COSC-certified movement equipped with Rolex’s Quickset function that sets the date independently of the chronograph hand, the Caliber 2235 is entirely Rolex’s own design and offers a 48-hour power reserve in a 100-meter water-resistant case. With gold and silver jewelry, the two-tone Jubilee bracelet also makes this replica Rolex Datejust 179173 Ladies’ watch the perfect timepiece to complement elegant evening wear.
It is easy to see how Rolex’s bejeweled and luxurious design assumes the role of the brand’s jewelry-based line of precision Swiss watches. Rolex has equipped this model with the Master Pearl bracelet, which features rounded five-piece links and a hidden crown clasp. The bracelet wraps easily around the wrist in 18k yellow gold to match the rest of the watch case, while the 2235 caliber powers the watch and provides the user with a 48-hour power reserve.

rolex watches

Finding a Rolex is a national obsession

Miami is known as the Rolex capital of the world because of the large number of people who search for the brand online. Est1897, a pre-owned luxury replica watches dealer based in Surrey, conducted a study that looked at the number of searches for the word “Rolex” each month and compared it to the cities from which the searches were made and their populations. By dividing a city’s population by the number of searches for Rolex, the study produced a number that could be compared around the world.  rolex rolex-078480_03
Manchester came in second, Liverpool third, Newcastle Upon Tyne seventh, Norwich ninth, and Birmingham tenth. Miami tops the league table with around 49,699 searches from a population of 504,459, but the top ten is dominated by British cities.
It is worth noting, however, that large global cities have far more searches for replica Rolex in total.
Singapore comes top with around 290,000 searches for Rolex in a month; Hong Kong residents made 250,000 searches and London notched up 270,000.
The UK has the most people possible to buy a Rolex. In the country, there are 6.3 million searches made each year, more than half of the 10 million made in the US, which has five times its population in
The worldwide study looked at over 40 million yearly searches to decide which cities are searching most for the renowned luxury fake watch brand. The report’s author, Est1897, is a sister company to H&T Pawnbrokers, which has 250 outlets across the UK.
Ben Jarrett from 1897 says: many buyers carefully study which patterns to purchase, which explains the 23% increase in searches over the past five years. It’s interesting that the Brits are Rolex’s favorites, but that’s not surprising to us as we experience Rolex every year.”

Most Popular Black and Blue Rolex GMT-Master II

One of the most popular Rolex oyster pro sports watches of the past few years is the 116710BLNR GM-Master II “Batman,” so called because of its unique blue and black ceramic bezel “Cerachrom.” This was the first steel Rolex watch to include a two-tone ceramic bezel, which has since been supplemented with a blue and red “Pepsi” Cerachrom bezel in 2019 as Rolex updated the overall GMT-Master II collection with various new features, including a new movement. While the Rolex reference 126710BLRO (red and blue bezel) GMT-Master II attracted much of the attention over the last year, it is also joined by this 126710BLNR that is, in essence, an upgraded Rolex Batman. 16518-0225-3
The new 126710 generation Rolex GMT-Master II has upgrades over the previous generation 116710 in a few ways. One feature that is not an upgrade in itself, but a difference in appearance, is the option to match a steel bracelet. For many, that will be the biggest difference between fake Rolex Batman and Batgirl. The previous generation BLNR (the code Rolex uses to refer to the bezel style) was paired with a three-link Rolex Oyster bracelet (with a polished center link), and the new generation BLNR comes paired with an all-steel Jubilee bracelet.
Watch aficionados sometimes disagree vehemently about which bracelet is better or more popular, but my take is that both bracelets have their merits. Some claim that the Jubilee bracelet feels a bit too “old,” but that’s only because it’s mostly associated with more retro Rolex replica watches, as they haven’t been used in Rolex sports lately. The Jubilee style bracelet is incredibly comfortable, and it comes on the same deployant clasp that on the three-link bracelet. As far as I am concerned, the two bracelets are simply two different flavors that both match the GMT-Master II watch equally well. 16518-0225-4
For replica Rolex, having different flavors of the same watch is important — which is why, in 2019, it debuted both the GMT-Master II 126710BLNO and the 126710BLNR. Each is the same watch with the only difference being the colors of the two-tone Cerachrom ceramic bezels and the color of the GMT hands. The bezel itself rotates in both directions, and the 24-hour mark on the bezel is used with the 24-hour GMT pointer on the dial to know the time in other time zones. For this reason, the GM-Master II has always been an ideal choice as a travel watch.

Proper Size Rolex Watches for Men

People obviously take many factors into account when buying a watch — the dial, what Numbers are on the dial, the type of bracelet, the style of the ring. The size of the watch itself is often an afterthought. However, you could argue that this is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new luxury watch. While you could argue that size also depends on taste, the truth is that some Rolex watches may look too small on your wrist, while others may be too big
So now you’re thinking, what size should I buy? Fortunately, we’re here to help. There are two main categories for men’s watches, ‘medium’ and ‘large,’ each containing a different Rolex.
The mid-size rolex replica watches for men span three sizes, the most popular being the classic 36mm Datejust. The traditional 36mm version was previously the standard men’s size, but with the introductions of the larger 41mm models, the classic Datejust 36 has become one of the brand’s most versatile models, appealing equally to both male and female buyers.
The next size up is the Yacht-Master 37mm, which is actually a mid-sized watch. The versatile 37mm case size offers much more wrist presence than the Lady Yacht-Master, while simultaneously being noticeably lighter and more compact than the standard 40mm men’s model. Since there’s only one watch with this case size, you should be a fan of the Yacht-Master collection in order to enjoy it; however, it is the only Rolex sports model with a rotating bezel that is available in a size smaller than 40mm, making it the go-to option for those that want a unisex Rolex sports watch.
You already know this as the classic everyday watch, so it’s rather fitting that Rolex has forged it in a size that’s universally timeless. And by that we mean it’s the kind of size that’s never going to go out of style – never too small, and in no way large. This is the best size for people who want something comfortable, unobtrusive, and utterly classic. The equally typical Oyster Perpetual collection is also offered with the option of a 36mm case size.
The 43mm Sea-Dweller is among the biggest fake watches currently produced by Rolex; however, it is still not the largest offering in the brand’s current catalog. With depth rating of more than four times the 300 meters offered by the Rolex Submariner, the Sea-Dweller is Rolex’s ultimate collection of professional dive watches. Historically, the Rolex Sea-Dweller was a 40mm watch; however, a large number of collectors complained that it was too thick relative to its fairly standard 42mm case diameter.

Amazing Replica Rolex for Holiday Party

This is a difficult question because I don’t know you. I’d love to. You like watches, I like watches — in my opinion, it is a good basis for friendship. But even if I don’t know you, I know a lot of people want to know which Rolex they should wear to your next holiday party.  rolex-078968_02
Okay, so you could go the diamond route, but it’s November already and the waitlist for the replica Rainbow Daytona should see you properly kitted-out with your model of choice in time for the holidays 2021.
Everyone recognizes a gold Rolex replica watch. It is the Western World’s most ubiquitous marker of success. These days, with more and more column inches dedicated to record-breaking auction sales, the Rolex Daytona collection has almost passed into mainstream consciousness.
You can’t miss the last chance to buy a fake Rolex Submarine. You’ve been itching to pull the trigger for years, have you? The submarine is an acknowledged classic that every Tom, dick and harry might find on your wrist and ask you about it. They will not be intimidated.
Moreover, if you’re on the younger side of average at a familial gathering of this nature, you might find some of the older men and women rocking some even more “advanced” pieces. The Sub is your entry ticket to these otherwise closed circles, without requiring you to kick down the door and demand acceptance.
This is where a reliable permanent collection of old oysters comes into play. With top-notch construction quality and unbeatable provenance, the replica rolex Oyster Perpetual range has some very exciting dial colors to choose from. Still, it never screamed as loudly as its kin.
Thanks to its soft, polished border. It really shifts the focus and lets you slip under the radar, just yourself under your cuffs. Reference 114300 with its dark blue sun-ray dial and lime green five-minute markers is a modern classic with a timeless and versatile 39mm diameter.
Of course, you can grab a Pepsi or a Root Beer, impress everyone with your channel or cash, etc., etc., etc., or you can use a little insight and give men some desire.