Green Dial Replica Panerai Radiomir

Green is always the hottest color in every field. Like white hot…well, kind of. Recently, we have seen the likes of Oris, Montblanc, and IWC all experiment with green dials. This past week saw Panerai announce a core line of green dial Radiomir references too. All four come with 1940 style Radiomir cases, with their classic cushion shape and thick lugs. There are other fake models with 45mm steel cases and one model with a black sandblasted ceramic case 48mm. pane-077420_03
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Panerai’s green dial. The original 2011 Bronzo was the first replica Panerai with a green dial, followed by a special edition of Harrods, followed by three limited editions in 2017. Unlike those watches, these four will not be limited edition. However, these new references will only be available in Panerai boutiques, which is a continuation of the trend we’ve seen of brands moving away from third-party retailers.
From a technical perspective, all four fake watches boast in-house movements. The Radiomir 45mm is full of the P.4000 caliber, Panerai’s thinnest automatic movement, with a popular clean time-only dial. Then there is the Radiomir GMT 45mm , which is fitted with the P. 4001, providing a second time zone, AM/PM indication, and the power reserve displayed on the back. The same caliber was modified into the P.4002, which shows the power reserve indicator on the dial, a feature unique to the Radiomir GMT Power Reserve 45mm. Each of the three automatic movements have a bi-directional off-centered micro-rotor in tungsten alloy and a power reserve of three days.
Panerai CEO Jean-Marc Pontroue, has his job cut out for him, moving the typical tool manufacturer into a new chapter after the retirement of longtime CEO and living legend Angelo Bonati. Panerai had a great SIHH, with clearer product segmentation and fake watches linked to special experiences. When it comes to these new references, I was pleased to see the use of micro-rotors in three of the four, slimming the case thicknesses down. The domed crystal adds a touch of vintage love that Paneristi worldwide will celebrate.  
Panerai replica has been looking at the sandwich dial and I’m glad to see all four replica watches in use here.The 45mm size is practical while respecting tradition, but I’m concerned that the 48mm ceramic case might be a bit stiff for most people’s wrists. That said, the dark green dial is huge, independent of the current trend, with a warm depth that really needs to be seen to appreciate the metal. The dial, dome crystal, and movement combine to make my idea a good balance from Panerai’s quadrafecta.