The Best Omega Speedmaster that has everyone over The Moon

This is the latest development of the Omega Silver Snoopy pedigree, but there is a caveat: the first two models are limited editions, and this is a regular production model. You read that right-although “regular production” does not necessarily mean that it will be easy to get started. Hey, what else is new?
Well, as far as this watch is concerned, a lot. On the one hand, this chronograph can not only brush your teeth every morning and night. It also makes the mechanism work so that Snoopy can rise on the back cover.
This replica watch from Omega has a silver and blue pattern. The dial is silver and laser-engraved Ag925. It has a stepped configuration, retro-style design hints, and the internal dial and minute track are separated by a circular ridge. This separation can be enhanced by changing the color and texture of the shadow. The inner dial appears brighter and smoother, while the outer dial almost has a sunny finish.
Then, the blue color enters the sub-dial. They are all blue, but not exactly the same. Both the hour and minute hands have radial patterns and the sinking effect of silver-plated hands. Instead, the running seconds counter is flush with the dial. It uses a complete astronaut costume with Snoopy’s illustrations and is marked with the words “50th Anniversary”. The sub-dial has a moon-like texture and raised stars around our favorite beagle. Since white is the prominent color here, the running second hand is blue to enhance readability.
In terms of appearance and shell size, this is a super master. Its clock height is 42mm, with sapphire crystals on the front and back, and the iconic crown and push rod guard for guidance. Although the strap is a bit hard, it looks great on the wrist. It fits tightly on the sides, but the large gap at the top makes the watch look taller than it actually is. I think this will change over time.
Now, it is wrong to say that this fake watch has an exhibition back cover, because it will sell everything there. Instead, we call it an “expeditionary” trunk. When you turn the watch over, you will not see the movement parts. Instead, you will vividly depict the moon in the foreground, and rotate the earth farther with a smaller second hand to observe the vast space in this way.
Although this sounds like some sort of party trick, there are indeed a lot of sights to be seen on the metal sheet. On the one hand, this is a miracle of mechanical watchmaking, and it can be traced back to Omega’s idea of knowing how to have fun. Please note that all of this happens on the back of the watch, which is hidden 99% of the time when worn, but this is a value-added way to separate the watch from the packaging. This is a little secret between you and the watch.