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For the past 100 years, Rolex has been setting new and higher standards for watch production. While Rolex is known for its classic, timeless aesthetic, there are some famous fake Rolex styles that surprise us, grab our attention and steal our hearts. Here, we’ll take a look at several famous Rolex styles that have stood out over the years.
This replica watch is white-hot, right? The ‘polar’ face of the Explorer is one of the most popular Rolex styles ever created; it’s also highly collectible. However, the Polar Explorer II is such an exciting watch because it was a complete surprise – the original Explorer line featured only black dials, and Rolex only introduced the stark, new face after with the release of the second generation of Explorer II watches. You can recognize this dial by its white face, but also those luminous hour markers outlined in black – giving it a wonderfully monochromatic appeal.
With a bold green face and matching bezel, this replica watch broke through any notions that Rolex had gotten boring or complacent with design. The Hulk was launched several years after their green 50th anniversary edition of the Submariner was greeted with much fan-fare. You can probably imagine the Rolex team saying, ‘if they like green, let’s double down on it!’ But they didn’t just slap on a green glossy dial and call it a day, they upgraded it with a very nice ‘sunburst’ finish.
We could narrow this down to a particular replica rolex Daytona – like the vintage ‘Big Red’ Daytona or something more modern like the “Rainbow” Daytona. However, the Daytona itself is so outstanding within the watch community that the model as a whole has more than earned a spot on this list. The Rolex Daytona is bold and unapologetic with a face that you either love or hate. No matter if you’re looking at a ‘panda’ dial or something extremely elegant for a sports watch, like a red gold case and matching bracelet, this fake watch seeks to push the boundaries of design.
The “Batman” – a nickname for the blue and black bezel GMT-Master II – has been a fan-favorite for several years now. But when Rolex eventually decided to pair this moody-colored bezel with a dressy stainless steel Jubilee bracelet, the fake watch world kind of lost their minds. Some hate the combination, but still, many people were ecstatic to see these two elements come together. It gives this watch, which is often worn as an everyday watch for many, a much more elevated look.
Yes, that’s another generalization here, but any Rolex with a bezel nickname after a soda would be iconic. You can find them on the GMT-master fake watch, which has a two-tone bezel so you can easily tell day from night within 24 hours.